Question 1:

I have more than one child, how should I register another child?

You can either download app in another android mobile phone OR You can register with another mail id(if you have multiple mail ids on your android mobile phone)

Question 2:

I logged in with Facebook. When I am trying to login with Gmail, the app is displaying an error message. What should I do?

The app will consider only one email id. If your Facebook’s registered mail id and your gmail mail id are one and the same, you will see this error message.

For example: Your Gmail id is abc@gmail.com & your Facebook registered mail id is also abc@gmail.com , then the app will consider only one registration(whichever is first used). You either login with Facebook or with Gmail.

Question 3:

I cannot change my Date of Birth & email id. What can I do?

Ninos App takes children’s security very seriously. We have disabled editing changes to date of birth & email id intentionally. Ninos App is for children below 18. If you have erroneously entered wrong date of birth and/or email id, please write to us at info@ninosapp.in We may seek few clarifications before making requisite changes. Changes to your Date of Birth and email id are subject to our satisfaction!

Question 4:

How are the winners decided?

Ninos App reserves the right to declare winners. However the general practice is to identify top performer of the week – Uploading talent, playing quizzes & taking up challenges.

Question 5:

How are the prizes distributed?

Winners names will be posted on the app itself & also on Ninos App – Facebook page (Link). We will also send out a mail to your registered mail id requesting few details like address, etc. We solicit your response at the earliest to dispatch the prizes.

Note: Ninos App doesn’t assume any responsibility for breakage or mishandling of prizes sent via third-party parcel or courier services. However we will ensure nothing of that sorts happen.

Question 6:

Uploading video takes long time. What’s the problem?

There is nothing much we can do about it. We are offering the best uploading speeds. However there are few other reasons – very huge video size, internet speed, etc.

Question 7:

I have upload a big size image, but the post shows small image. What should I do?

Absolutely no problem. You can just tap on the post. It will take you to the original image size. We respect your interest.

Question 8:

I am unable to see notifications immediately. What is the problem?

There is no problem. You can refresh (Long Pull) the Home Page to view the notifications.

Question 9:

I have done few quizzes, but they are not moving to ‘Completed’ section. What’s the problem?

Again there is no problem here. You just have to refresh (Long Pull) the Quiz Page to see the reflected changes.

Question 10:

Why am I seeing everyones post?

We don’t like restricting talent to few people. Initially we will display everyone’s talent to everyone. You can follow others & other can follow you. Going forward, we will sort content as per your followers, as per your interests, etc.